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Escorts Services in Bangalore

This section covers some of the services that our call girls in Bengaluru provide. If you are looking for a particular service not mentioned here, please call us and share what you are looking for. I hope the list here will cover the most fun activities that you can enjoy with a friendly companion.


a 21+ yrs old something tight girl dressed as a school girl

Roleplaying is dressing up and acting in a certain way i.e. following a character. Some of the popular roleplaying acts in Bengaluru are:- Husband-Wife, Girlfriend-Boyfriend, Nurse-Patient, Boss-Employee, Slave-Master, Teacher-Student, Bhabhi-Devar, Jija-Sali, etc.

Gang Bang or Threesome

threesome couple in intimate position

Our Bengaluru Escorts are ready for group action. But yes they will charge more than they charge for one-on-one action. You can enjoy threesome acts with them, our girls can take 2 to 3 boys at once. But be careful, don’t do anything that can hurt them or yourself during the action after all their safety is your concern when they are with you. Just go slow and communicate if she is able to take all that thrust.


sexy thai girl

India constitutes so many different Ethnic Groups with different cultural backgrounds. Ofcourse, we are all Indians as a whole, but still, there is a lot of difference especially from one state to another. Xtapatap let you fuck girls from different parts of the country and even foreign girls are also available.

Instagram Models and Influencers

popular desi models in Bengaluru

People with a pile of wealth, those who seek high-profile actresses, models, and social media influencer girls who are doing fine in their lives, and very beautiful girls who like to live independently, are arranged by Xtapatap for your entertainment in Bengaluru. We can help you meet successful, wealthy women.

Dance or Stripping

dirty dance moves

Sex should be entertaining. Sometimes you need acts that help you get turned on. Sensual dance moves and stripping can excite you and make your John ready for the action. Sexy Bengaluru strippers can be hired from Xtapatap.


sexy desi shemale

Men who like or fantasize about Shemales or Transgenders can hire them from our escorts agency.

Bangalore Aunty

hot aunty with curvy body

Unsatisfied high-profile aunties can meet you at some discounted rates. Like cheaper than college girls. Sexy, curvy aunties in Bangalore are accepting dicks from genuine men. If you are a fan of voluptuous bodies with big boobs and ultra-wise asses then you can rent an aunty for fun.


sexy young wifes

Fuck a housewife in Bengaluru. They are very experienced, and they know all the right things to do that will satisfy you. Housewives (MILFs) are not shy from performing in bed, they will make you feel special, they will lick your body, suck your Cock, and may even let you cum in your mouth. Some of the housewives are even comfortable with Anal sex.

College Girls

sexy young girl

Pretty, desirable, sexy girls available for men looking for a date with college girls. These girls are 18+ but experience-wise immature, innocent, are ambitious in life, they like to get dominated, but some activities they may simply reject or may ask for more money like Kissing, Blowjob, and Anal.

Frequently asked questions about our services

For how long does a girl stay per session? Generally, the shortest session should last for 2 hours. But she will stay with you, for the time period you are paying. Like if you are paying for 4-hours, she will be there with you for 4-hours.
Is it necessary to wear a condom? Ofcourse, the condom is a must when you have an active polygamous sex life. The safety of our girls is of prime importance to us, so do not want them to catch any sex disease from some filthy bastard who wants sex without a condom.
Can I use Dildos during sex? Sex should be entertaining and satisfying. So if you can spice up your sex life by introducing a dildo, then you are most welcome. Also, you should know what you are doing, or else go slow and communicate.
Sex with lubricant or without it? You are not required lubricants with young girls, they get wet easily on little foreplay. But yes if you have hired an aunty or a housewife you may use a lubricant depending on the situation. Also, many condoms are lubricated. So, you can keep it if you have experience with he lubricants, otherwise, you can skip it.
Disclaimer: Adult Content Waring

This website contains sexually oriented adult content for 18+ years old people only. This is an initial warning to leave this website, if you came here by mistake or if it is illegal to visit such explicit content in your area or at your age. If you enter this website then you will be exposed to nudity and content related to female/shemale escorts service in Bangalore, India and you will be responsible for your actions. We are not liable for exposing you to adult or nude content on this website in any way. Also, this website doesn’t represent any brothel in the city, people who offer their escort services work willingly and meet clients at their place independently, this website is just a medium for interested parties to connect.

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